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Interactive Document Chat

Enable conversations over documents with cutting-edge AI, simplifying data retrieval and decision-making.

Custom Chatbot Development

Tailor-made chatbots allow users to interact with their documents efficiently, finding the data they need without the hassle.

Tailored Web Applications

Expertly crafted web applications, tailored to fulfill your unique business requirements, and equipped with cutting-edge frameworks for enriched interactivity and seamless user engagement."

Data Vectorization

Convert your data into a vector storage format, making it easily queryable by Large Language Models for quicker and more accurate results.

Seamless Data Migration

Experience hassle-free data transfer from 3rd party services like Salesforce, Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, and more.

Bring Your Own Data

Upload and integrate data from a diverse range of file types including HTML, markdown, text files, PDFs, etc., to gain insights from your own internal documentation.

Custom Data Solutions

Receive expert advice on data refreshes and benefit from custom solutions meticulously designed to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Enterprise-level Expertise

With a focus on serving enterprise-level companies, we bring specialized knowledge and experience to address complex data needs and challenges.

Powered by OpenAI

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI with solutions built on top of the most advanced LLMs like GPT-4.


We provide a complimentary initial consultation (15-30 mins) to assess the compatibility of our solutions with your needs and to guide you to the service offering that best aligns with your objectives. The starting prices listed below represent the cost of our tailored initial consultations for different team sizes and requirements.

  • Individual
  • $150
  • Starting Cost
  • 1 hour consultation
  • Basic tech and integration overview
  • High-level strategic guidance
  • Small Team (2 - 10)
  • $500
  • Starting Cost
  • 3 hour consulation
  • Detailed tech and integration overview
  • Strategic guidance
  • Initial custom solution workshop
  • Large Team (10+)
  • $1200
  • Starting Cost
  • Dedicated 9am - 5pm consulation
  • Comprehensive tech and integration deep dive
  • Strategic guidance
  • Custom solution consulting for duration of project
  • Initial roadmap solution


Meet Our Team

United by a passion to unleash AI's transformative power, our dynamic team of AI enthusiasts, software engineers, and principle consultants is dedicated to empowering enterprises. With diverse skills and rich experience, we excel in crafting custom solutions, meeting unique needs, and guiding seamless integration and adoption.

Bill Taggart

Bill Taggart

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Taggart

Matt Taggart

Chief Technology Officer


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    Phoenix, AZ / Remote

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    Mobile: (609) 915-3484

    Email: bill@redelklabs.com

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    Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM MST

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